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    1. AV无码精品一区二区三区
      welcome Dongguan Yufeng Building Decoration Co., Ltd.!
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      service items
      The team has rich experience and advanced equipment
      Over the years, thank customers for their strong support to Yufeng
      Dongguan Taiwanese B

      Dongguan Taiwanese B

      In recent years, with the rapid development of t...

      Vanke Building Glass

      Vanke Building Glass

      It covers an area of 210,000 square meters and a...

      Diwang Building

      Diwang Building

      After the completion of the project, the propert...

      Office cleaning

      Office cleaning

      In recent years, with the rapid development of t...


      Rich experience service

      The company has more than 40 industry experts, all of whom are formal employees who have been trained, qualified and certified. Regularly train workers in safety, skills, and image, and continuously improve workers' safety awareness, image, and work skills.

      Standard construction

      Based on the principle of safety first, the company strengthens employees' safety awareness and cultivates the spirit of teamwork among employees. Our company implements semi-militarized management, requiring workers to be like soldiers, unite and help each other, care for each other, have the spirit of bearing hardships and stand hard work, and more importantly, have the same discipline as a soldier.

      Fully equipped

      It has the industry's advanced remote real-time monitoring system, as well as hydraulic lifts, spider carts, self-developed rope pullers, lifting platforms and other large-scale operation equipment, as well as imported opening self-locking devices and other equipment.

      Full insurance

      The company has uniformly purchased group accident insurance, employer liability insurance, public liability insurance, work injury insurance (social insurance) and other related insurances for employees to ensure the safety of employees' lives and disputes in case of accidents that are accidents.
      ABOUT US
      A strong company strength is your solid guarantee


            Dongguan Yufeng Architectural Decoration Co., Ltd. takes "professional quality, excellence" as its purpose, "technology first, people-oriented, honesty and trustworthiness" as its business philosophy, and "serving customers, "Satisfying customers and improving customers" is the goal, and the products are well-received by partners with good quality and good service, thus obtaining the cooperation and support of various businesses and forming a good sales environment.

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      Custom hotline: 13728177528 (7 days * 24 hours)

      Reminder: To ensure the effectiveness of your purchase, please fill in the real information

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